Hilary Skinner Wins Easter Dinners

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Left to right: Blaine Landes, activities director; Alexis Neeley, secretary; Jayla Smith; Allee Prescott, vice president; and Tĕa O’Rourke, Treasurer. 

	The Brushy Squirrels 4-H Club raffled off tickets for an Easter Meal catered by Jayla Smith. Jayla has been a supporter of 4-H for many years. For the last nine years, she has spent a few weeks in the summer volunteering her time at 4-H Camp preparing and cooking meals for the campers. The winner of the raffle was Hilary Skinner of Jamesport, Missouri. The Brushy Squirrels 4-H Club would like to thank Jayla and Janelle Smith for their generosity in catering the meal as well as all those who bought tickets. We appreciate your support and congratulations to Hilary Skinner and family.